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Friday, February 23


465 Successful Reduction in Blood-borne Pathogens Exposure Rate Ballroom 466 The Impact of Physical Environment on Workplace Incivility and Physical Health Ballroom 467 Effectiveness of Workplace Health & Wellness Programs Ballroom 468 Linking Work and Home Life: How Work Demands and Resources Relate to Employees’ Sleep and Romantic Relationships Ballroom 469 A Latent Profile Analysis of Benefactor and Beneficiary Organizational Citizenship Behaviors toward Individuals Ballroom 470 Office Housework, Career Success, and Health: Does Gender Matter? Ballroom 471 Different Health Outcomes of Discrimination in Hiring, Promoting, and Firing Ballroom 472 Supervisor Telepressure and Work-Family Conflict: The Moderating Role of Meaningful Work Ballroom 473 Stress & Burnout in the Workplace Ballroom 474 Effects of Noise Exposure In The Construction Industry Ballroom 475 Long Haul Truck Drivers and Metabolic Syndrome: Implications for the Occupational Health Nurse Ballroom 476 The Indirect Effect of Conflict Types on Counterproductive Work Behaviors Through Work Engagement Ballroom 477 Antecedents to the Stressor-Strain Relationship: The Role of Communication Climate Ballroom 478 The Health Effects of a Sedentary Desk Job Ballroom 479 The Role of Access to Nature at Work in Reducing the Effects of Psychosocial Hazards Ballroom 480 Substance Abuse Amongst the Food Service Industry Ballroom 481 An Examination of Technostrain and its Relationship with Telepressure Ballroom 482 PTSD and First Responders Ballroom 483 Effect of Workplace Incivility on OCB and Work-family Conflict through Burnout: The Moderating Role of Affective Commitment Ballroom 484 Interactive Effects between Job Autonomy and Occupational Skill Variety: A Multilevel Study of Job Characteristics Ballroom 485 Risks and Limitations of Integrating Commercial Small Unmanned Aerial Systems into Inner Cities Ballroom 486 Exploring Differences in the Effects of a Workplace Wellness Program on Blue- and White-Collar Workers Over Time: An Inductive Approach Ballroom 487 Airport Noise Management under a Multi Airport System (MAS): A Public Health Perspective Ballroom 488 You're Not Helping: A Qualitative Study of Unhelpful Workplace Social Support Ballroom 489 Examining the Conditional Effects of Perceived Work Ability and Job Insecurity on Employee Well-Being Ballroom 490 Further Characterization of the USF Wind Tunnel using the Multi-Jet Blaustein Atomizer (BLAM). Ballroom 491 Job Crafting and Work-Family Balance Across Family Stages Ballroom 492 Sharps Injuries in Medical Training: A Follow-up Study Ballroom 493 Preventing Runway Incursions: Are Generational Learning Models a Key? Ballroom 494 Illegitimate Tasks: Implications for Employee Health Ballroom 495 Mindfulness Training Improves Affect and Reduces Stress at Work: A Randomized Controlled Trial Ballroom 496 Occupational Stress and Neck Pain in Nurses Ballroom 497  Influence of Heat Stress in Construction Workers Exposed to Direct Sunlight Ballroom 498 The Association between Sedentary Jobs and Cardiovascular Diseases among Taxi Drivers Ballroom 499 Obesity as a Predisposing Factor of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome among Adults Ballroom 500 Truckers using Diesel Fuel are at Higher Risks of Developing Lung Cancer Ballroom 501 Occupational Risks and Protective Practices Against Toxoplasma gondii among Veterinary Staff of Childbearing Age Ballroom 502 Mobile Phone used by Healthcare Workers are Potential Fomites for Nosocomial Infections Ballroom 503 High Heeled Shoes and Knee Osteoarthritis in Women Ballroom